Clickfree Automated Backup: Reviews, Getting Started Guide and Coupon Code
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Clickfree Automated Backup: Reviews, Getting Started Guide and Coupon Code

Clickfree is an automated backup system with a very simple promise: just plug it in and it will forever automatically keep all your files backed up. 

How Clickfree works

  1. Connect your Clickfree drive to your computer or laptop via included USB cable
  2. Once connected, the Clickfree drive will search your drive for over 350 file types and copy them and back them up
  3. Repeat this for up to 5 computers, and Clickfree will create backups for all of them
  4. Anytime you connect any computer in the future, your backup will be updated with any new files

Customer reviews

"Works exactly as promised. Just plug it into the USB port and it will do the rest for you! It saves common files, which includes pretty much anything you use on a regular basis unless you are doing very specialized work. Documents, spreadsheets, email files, photos, videos, you name it. It also saves files according to which computer they came from, so if you back up more than one computer in one device, it will keep everything organized. I used to be a slacker about doing backups, but with this it just takes two seconds on your part and the device does the rest! I also like that the backup process can run very smoothly in the background while you keep using the computer, without making the computer sluggish."

"Although I'm pretty technically adept, I have been dreading backing up all my old photos and files from my two home computers. After a recent scare, I decided I had to get the backup done. Although I already own an external hard drive, I purchased this product a couple of days ago and it arrived last night. I opened the box, plugged the hard drive into my laptop and it worked just as promised and started automatically backing up my files. A while later it was DONE....I never had to do anything else. Then, I went upstairs to my "ancient" desktop to back up those files. For some reason, there was a small problem but I followed the trouble shooting directions in the package and within a couple of minutes I was backing up a second computer. Now, I have almost 10,000 photos of the last few years safe and sound on my new hard drive. I would recommend this product to anyone. Even if you know how to back up on "standard" hard drives or CDs, the time and effort it takes makes the process painful. If you are not someone who is not comfortable with computers and are worried you'll "do it wrong", this is DEFINITELY the thing for you! Sorry to sound like a commercial, but this hard drive made a task I'd been dreading for weeks very easy. Now I'm so relieved to have all my photos and files backed up and safe."

"When first connected to the USB hub the device did nothing. Nice blue light came on but my computer didn't see it. After multiple shut-downs / reboots with no success, I e-mailed ClickFree's website and within an hour (!!!) received a reply. I had to disconnect all other USB devices and plug it directly into the computer rather than the hub and it fired right up and backed up everything. Another problem I had was that my hard drive is partitioned into 3 drives and it backed up everything in no particular order. Eventually I'll go back and try to reorganize it but I think it will work beautifully on a single drive when plugged directly into the computer rather than hub. I was most impressed with ClickFree's almost immediate response to my questions...few manufacturers do that."

"I love the fact a little screen pops up and tells me how long it's been since I used the Click-Free. I no longer worry about losing files and pictures now."

"I was looking for a product that would back up my computer files without a lot of effort on my part. I did not want to have to name the files or documents or deal with files too large to place on a CD. This product advertised itself as a no hassle file backup system. It does just that. It is simple to use and tells you when finished what it has done. This information is displayed on your monitor. Optional activities are also available on this display. It does incrimental backups after the first one. I am very pleased with this product."

What people like about Clickfree

  • Easy to use, just plug it in and it works
  • Responsive customer support, most requests resolved within 24 hours

What people dislike about Clickfree

  • Product does not work through a USB hub, you must plug the device directly into your computer's USB port
  • Some special file types, such as Quicken files, require you to tell the Clickfree drive to backup those files in the setup menu

Ongoing coupons for Clickfree

Competing products

Check out Mozy and ElephantDrive as two web-based solutions that work well.

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